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Compassionate Caregiver Norrett Burnett, 2017

Compassionate Caregiver Norrett Burnett, 2017

Norrett Burnett of Middlebrook Farms at Trumbull, in Trumbull, Conn., is Benchmark Senior Living's 2017 Compassionate Caregiver Award recipient.

Norrett has impressed residents and families in her community with her keen observation skills, intelligence, and the unparalleled compassion she brings to the challenging role of Harbor Resident Care Assistant.

With a wealth of experience, she takes time to know each resident’s likes and dislikes and strives to provide comfort to each one.
She consistently exhibits a high standard of care, which serves to contribute to her community being known by its residents and families as a special place.

All of Benchmark is proud to recognize Norrett with our company's most important individual award.

Benchmark launched the nomination process for the 2017 Compassionate Caregiver Award in December 2017 and gave our residents and family members a chance to nominate their beloved caregivers.
One month was allotted for the nomination process, and in that time nearly 250 nominations were submitted! 

Many associates received three or even four nominations from different residents and family members. 
All nominations are submitted to a panel that identifies the three finalists for the award.  

Norrett was one of three finalists and received the award at Benchmark's Annual Awards Gala on March 30, 2018. The other nominees were: Chlea Bynoe, The Falls at Cordingly Dam, Newton, Mass. Sandra Papasedero, The Commons in Lincoln, Lincoln, Mass.

This award is named after the Compassionate Caregiver Award presented annually by The Schwartz Center in Boston and is named after a good friend of our CEO Tom Grape, Ken Schwartz, who died tragically many years ago from lung cancer at a much too young age. 

Ken was the son of a doctor, and was a prominent health care attorney in Boston. 

Because of his connections through his family, is profession and living in Boston, Ken had access to the very best medical care possible for his condition, but, unfortunately, his disease was not able to be contained. 

During his illness, while he was surrounded by the best diagnosticians and the finest medical treatments available, Ken wrote a very touching article that was published in the Boston Sunday Globe magazine, this is now 25 years ago, in which he described the healing touch of a caregiver. 

He talked about all the fancy gizmos and smart people tending to him and how blessed he felt. 

He was also incredibly touched by how important it was
when a nurse would come in and put her hand on his shoulder. 

Or a caregiver would come in and simply look in his eyes
and listen to him talk about his feelings at the time and what he was going through...all while doctors and others were trying to treat his disease.  

After Ken died, his family and others founded the Schwartz Center to promote compassionate caregiving, and The Schwartz Center now promotes compassionate caregiving in hundreds of hospitals, not only around the country, but also around the world.  

We are proud to say that Benchmark was the first senior living community to participate in what are called The Schwartz Center Rounds. 

Each year The Schwartz Center dinner raises nearly $1 million, and many Benchmark associates attend because it's a very touching evening.

Tom Grape has served as a Schwartz Center dinner co-chair on two different occasions over the last number of years.

2017 Compassionate Caregiver Nominee Sandra Papasedero

2017 Compassionate Caregiver Nominee Sandra Papasedero

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