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What 'Returning Thanks' Looks Like in Real Life

What 'Returning Thanks' Looks Like in Real Life

Earlier this year, the associates and residents in our nearly 60 Benchmark communities spent a month performing Radiant Acts of Kindness in their neighborhoods and towns. It was our annual exercise in bringing to life our company values - Called to Care, Better Together and Be the Benchmark. Their acts of kindness included everything from feeding homeless familes to donating socks to shelters to buying coffee for whoever was behind them in line.

One Benchmark associate bought coffee for a state trooper as thanks for his service. He was so touched by her act, he sent her the following message:

My name is James, and I was the trooper behind you in the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru line today or yesterday, depending on when you get this.  

I want to say Thank You very much for the coffee and the “thank you” you provided me in regards to my job. I never get a chance to say thank you when people buy me a coffee in the drive-thru line, so today I was excited when I also got your business card to actually say thank you. 

I know that there are lots of people out there who still do care, and it's refreshing to know that. This current environment Law Enforcement is in is sad and scary with all the Officers being shot . . . it's comforting to me and my fellow brothers and sisters that there is a silent majority that still support us, and for that we Thank You!  

Additionally, thank you for what you do and the care you provide people! You truly are an angel who does care and gives back.  

So, I just wanted to say thanks and hopefully one day be able to return the favor and buy you a coffee! 😁

Have a wonderful day and an exceptional weekend.



What a picture of human connection. And what a beautiful example of “returning thanks.” This simple act by one Benchmark associate did something that mattered to a state trooper, and he, in turn, acknowledged that what she does every day in her community also matters. This bit of inspiration from 20th century educator William Arthur Ward seems to sum it up perfectly:

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

All of us at Benchmark extend our gratitude to our residents, families, associates and friends at this important moment of the year. May this Thanksgiving be a day of transforming gratitude for us all as we return thanks and experience the joy it brings.

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